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VacMaster 1530

VacMaster 1530 is the industry proven alternative to the high cost of large tank based vacuum trailers. Save time and money when compared with expensive vacuum truck hire services.

VacMaster 1530 is the first choice for professional contractors. These powerful, income producing machines, are highly effective and come complete with all tools and accessories for fast and profitable gutter and general industrial cleaning. Your Australian made VacMaster 1530 is shipped fully assembled and can be used to generate income from the day of delivery.

The on-board premium Honda engine includes a 12V battery electric start as a standard feature. Wireless radio remote power control of the vacuum motors is also included. A cyclonic drum Interceptor Head is now a standard inclusion as well as our large steel hose storage reel.

  • Gutter Cleaning of leaves and silt.
  • Hazardous Dust ceiling space cleaning (requires optional HEPA filter)
  • High performance pressure washer waste water recovery sytem.
  • Drainage channel and storm water pipe cleaning
  • Sump or pit cleaning jobs

VAC 1530


Technical Specifications:

  • Reliable Honda GX390 Electric Start Petrol Engine.
  • 60m x lightweight commercial grade smooth bore vacuum hose.
  • Heavy duty 450mm wide brush floor and liquid squeegee tools.
  • Steel hose reel capable of storing up to 60 metres of hose
  • Powerful, vacuum trailer like 15M2 (520cfm) per minute airflow.
  • Can vacuum load materials directly into plastic drum liner bags
  • Fits on a utility or optional customer trailer with ladder racks
  • Optional heavy duty castor wheels for ground handling.
  • Optional 330 / 500 litre capture tank with angled floor dump hatch


  • 3 X 20 metres X 2 1/2 inch smooth bore vacuum suction host.
  • 1 X 2 metres X 2 inch whip end vacuum suction hose.
  • 3 X 100mm X 2 1/2 inline hose joiners. (1 spare)
  • 1 X 2 inch Aluminium extra long gutter crevice tool.
  • 1 X 1300mm X 2 inch Aluminium curved end "Gutter Sucker" wand tool.
  • 1 X 400mm X 2 1/2 inch Aluminium 45 Degree bend hand held Gulper Tube tool.
  • 1 X Cyclonic Interceptor 205L steel drum top adaptor.
  • 1 X high water liquid level sensor radio transmitter for instant remote power shut off.
  • 10 X 205L capacity 100 micron heavy plastic drum liner collection bags. (Starter Pack)
  • 1 X Hose storage plasma cut steel custom reel that holds a full 60m of 2 1/2 inch hose. (black)