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VegaPlus Steam Cleaning Machine

The Vega Plus Steamer is compact, manoeuvrable, and very powerful, the Vega Plus has become the best seller of our range. The powerful vacuum cleaner and steam super-heated to 180c and delivered at 8 bar pressure make this the ultimate super cleaner. The Vega Plus enables either simultaneouse or independent use of the industrial strenght vacuum or the super-heated steam facility.

A feature allowing the addition of mild detergents to the dry steam as it is released from the cleaning head is also available with the Vega Plus. This is a tough machine for the toughest cleaning jobs.Ideal for gum removal on hard surfaces and carpets.

VegaPlus steam cleaning machine


Technical Specifications:

Electrical supply: 230V, 50/60Hz

Power: max 3600 watts

Water tank: 5 litres

Chemical tank: 5 litres

Boiler: 3 litres stainless steel

Boilers steam pressure: 8 bar

Temperature: 180°C nominal

Steam volume: 150 litres/minute

Heating up time: approx 9 minutes

Wet and dry vacuum: 1200 watts

Vac tank: 20 litres

Supplied with a full set of steam only and steam & vac accessories