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Galaxy X Steam Cleaning Machine


KHD Technology conveyor belt cleaners

Automated Conveyor Belt Cleaners NOW Available in New Zealand

We are pleased to announce we have teamed up with KHD UK to bring to the market a very efficient Conveyor belt cleaning system. See more...

This system is completely automated ideal for both closed and open belts.

The computer based system utilises dry steam (180 Degrees )so it both cleans and sanitises.

This new product revolutionises the way belts are cleaned as normally it’s a manual costly time consuming exercise.

The KHD system is tailor made for your specific requirements on a case by case application.

We have sold a number of units to NZ major food manufacturers.

Call us to discuss your requirements.

SteamPlus Snoopy

This is the SteamPlus’s entry level professional machine, with ultra compact chassis but with the same high quality components used in all our other machines! Cleaning with Dry Steam saves time and money eliminating most of the chemicals required by existing cleaning. See more information.

Why should you use dry-steam cleaning?

  • Traditional cleaning methods remove dirt mechanically but dirt often remains on the pores of surfaces and disinfectants only work on the surface. Steam cleaning works deep into the pores of surfaces allowing organic materials to be removed by water and microfibre cloths. See more information.
  • We all know that high temperature steam will dissolve fats and oils and kill bacteria (most at 85deg C), it's just a question of control and safety. See more information.
  • The use of steam is environmentally friendly, reducing the use of chemicals by 80-90% and reducing water use by 90-95%. See more information.
  • Steam cleaning not only removes dirt but it sanitises surfaces far better than the traditional mop and bucket. See more information.
  • There are big cost savings; savings on time, water usage and chemical usage. See more information.

Would you like to achieve the highest cleaning results while lowering your cleaning costs?

Check out the following industries and see how they can successfully use dry steam cleaning:

Schools and Daycares
Veterinary Practices
The Automotive Industry
The Hospitality Industry
Hospitals and Nursing Homes
Contract Cleaners

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